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General Rules of Betting on Lucky7 Id

1. Confidentiality of Personal Information

The Investor is responsible for keeping their Password, PIN, and other personal information used for identity verification confidential and secure.

2. Responsibility for Account Transactions

The Investor is responsible for all transactions related to their account, and the Betting Operator is not liable for disputed or self-made transactions on the Investor's Account.

3. Conclusive Records of Bets

The records of the Betting Operator serve as conclusive evidence and the true and accurate record of all Bets made via the Internet. Investor-provided printouts and records are not accepted as evidence.

4. Termination of Internet Betting Access

The Betting Operator reserves the right to cease providing access to the web-site for Internet betting at any time without prior notice to the Investor.

5. Accuracy of Information

The Investor warrants that all information provided on the Betting Operator's website is true and correct. Any changes to the information must be immediately communicated to the Betting Operator.

6. Use of Investor Information

The Betting Operator has the right to use the information provided by the Investor on its website for purposes such as account opening, Internet access activation, Bet placement, marketing, and legal requirements.

7. Changes to Website Information

The Betting Operator may modify the information or format on its website at any time without prior notice to the Investor.

8. Cash Out Functionality

The Betting Operator may offer functionality for Investors to partially or fully cash out their Bets through a third-party arrangement. Sufficient information, including terms and conditions, will be provided to enable informed decisions.

9. Multiplier Feature

The Betting Operator may provide functionality for Investors to place Bets with a multiplier feature. Sufficient information, including relevant terms and conditions, will be made available to enable informed decisions.

Alterations of Rules of Betting in Lucky7 ID

1. Determination of Unprovided Questions

If any question arises that is not covered by these Rules or the applicable laws and regulations, it will be determined by the Betting Operator or its duly authorized employees or agents, using the concept of fair play and the principles of betting rules.

2. Amendments to Rules

These Rules may be amended in accordance with the Act, and the amended Rules will apply to all Investments accepted after the amendment takes effect.

3. Non-disturbance of Settlements

Settlements between the Betting Operator and Investors will not be disturbed by the operation of these Rules, except in cases of fraud or dishonesty.

4. Compliance with Legal Requirements

By making an investment through any communication means provided by the Betting Operator, the Investor warrants that they are 18 years of age or older and that the Investment does not violate any international, federal, state, or local laws.

Lucky7 Id Investor Acknowledgment, Enforcement, and Entire Agreement

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