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How to Bet with Odds on Cricket?

If you want to make money from online cricket betting, you need to keep an eye on the value of online cricket betting chances.

Most online bookies already have a function that lets bettors switch between odd and even bets. It is usually a drop-down menu in the bets part of the account settings. Here are three ways that bookies show cricket betting odds.

Odds in America

American odds are the odds that are used by sports books in the United States. This type of style is easy for people who are new to betting to understand. In American-style odds, a plus or minus sign comes before the chances.




What To Do?

There are two kinds of moneyline odds:


-110 means you need to stake 110 to make a profit of $100. +130 indicates that you will get 130 if you bet $100.

Odds in Fractions

The benefit from the bet is shown by the fractional odds. The number on the left side of the fraction shows how much you will win if you bet the amount on the right side of the fraction.


If the odds are 3/1, it means that for every 1 unit you bet, you will win 3 units. If 1 Unit costs $10, your profit would be $40. If the amount on the right side is bigger, it means that you need to bet more than you will win.

But if the left side of the fraction is bigger than the right side, the event is less likely to happen.

Decimal Odds

The decimal numbers are easy for bettors to understand. Now, almost every site where you can bet on sports will have this choice. The format is a number that shows the estimated return on the bet, including the amount of the bet.

Decima Odds Formula = Stake * Odds = Return

Bettors use decimal www.Betfair.com/cricket-odds to figure out which rate gives them the best value for their bet. For instance, if you bet $10 on a match to win with odds of 1.21, you would get back a total of $12.10 if you won.

In decimal odds, 2.0 means "even," which means that if you bet at 2.0, you can double your money. But if the odds are less than 2.0, the event is more likely to happen and you have a 50% better chance of winning.

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