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Super Bowl 2024 Odds for Betting in Betxhub247 Id

Super Bowl LVIII odds will be released once the 2022-2023 NFL season has finished. Here at Betxhub247 Id Sportsbook, you can view the most up-to-date odds on who will win the Super Bowl in the upcoming year. You may wager on the 2024 Super Bowl champion using the top-rated online sportsbook. You can wager on game lines and Super Bowl props whenever the big game arrives. When you bet on the Super Bowl at Betxhub247 Id Sportsbook, you have more opportunities to win.

Who is Favored to Win the 2024 Super Bowl, and Why?

With +600 odds, the Kansas City Chiefs are the current favorites to win Super Bowl XLII in 2024. After the Patriots, the Buffalo Bills (+850), the Philadelphia Eagles (+900), the Cincinnati Bengals (+900), and the San Francisco 49ers (+900) all have respectable chances of winning. The odds will vary as free agency and the NFL Draft progress, so keep checking back.

Lines & Point Spreads for the Super Bowl

Betxhub247 Id Sportsbook will provide NFL game lines and point spreads for the Super Bowl once we know which two NFL teams will compete in the big game. These odds are comparable to what you would find for an NFL game during the regular season or the playoffs.

A "minus" sign followed by a whole integer or halved fraction indicates a point spread of -6 or -6.5 in favor of the favorite. Picking the favorite "against the spread" requires hoping for a victory by a margin of 7 points or more, while a victory by 1 to 6 points or a straight-up loss results in a loss for the bettor.

A "+" sign next to an underdog's point spread indicates that the club has been "spotted" that many points before the start of the Super Bowl. Bettors who back the underdog to win the point spread in an NFL game are expecting that their side will "cover" the spread by winning by a lesser margin than the line. Even if the underdog loses by 5 points, if the point spread was +6, the bettors would still collect.

In the event of a "push," where the final score matches the point spread, bettors receive their initial stakes back.

Analyzing Super Bowl Betting Lines

When a sports bettor's team wins the game outright, the moneyline odds guarantee a payout of %. In NFL moneylines, the odds on a favorite are marked by a minus sign, as in (-200). If you're betting on the underdog, you'll see a "+" next to the moneyline, as in (+350). Betting odds on the favorite and underdog markets yield different payouts, but both are based on a $100 wager.

If you bet $150 on a team and they win the Super Bowl, the house will return $100 to you. The odds of (-200) indicate a payout of $100 for every $200 risked. If the underdog pulls off an upset, the moneyline odds indicate how much money bettors can expect to win for a $100 wager. If the odds are +350, the payout for a $100 bet will be +350 dollars, +1000 will be +1000 dollars, etc.

FAQs & Super Bowl LVIII Facts

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